Mark SAlthough this site is primarily about metal detecting, it is also a portal to the eventful history of the United Kingdom. I hope you find your time here interesting and informative.

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As an often frustrated detectorist due to work commitments and also lack of permissions at certain times of the year,  I have created this site as the next best thing to keep myself involved in my favourite pastime.  I do not consider myself to be an expert, but I do have have a five-year ‘jump’ on newbie detectorists, so this is where I will set my stall.  Aimed at the British beginner detectorist, there are articles about the more common finds such as coins and buttons. There’s also metal detecting tips and advice on cleaning methods and links to cool sites and resources of interest to the metal detectorist. Let me know if you know of any yourself!

Happy hunting and good luck,

Mark S.


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