Bronze age bronze. Would you recognise it?

I came across this  startling picture while browsing  at  I say startling because I’m not sure if I would have recognised any of these pieces! It has had me racking my brains. Have I come across anything like this before?

Bronze age hoard.   3300-2500 b.c.


The larger one is a socketed axe head.

I’ve had my fair share of unidentifiable lumps of metal that have looked quite similar. I will be looking at future ones in a new light from now on.

A classic example of why you should never throw anything away until you’re absolutely certain what it is.

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  1. Lee Jennings says:

    Found a lump of Bronze slag a while ago. Emailed some pics to an Archaeological website by accident and I was then emailed by the FLO asking me to bring it up to them to have a look at. Definitely slag and not broken Bronze though. Looked exactly like the pics when I dug it up. I kept it as a joke as it was my first ever find. That and the fact it interested me due to such a smallish piece of metal weighing quite a bit were the only reasons I didn’t throw it in the bin. Chances of it’s age being identified are slim but I’d like to think it’s Bronze age. I’d like to go back and see if there’s more and not just a solitary piece although 1 other person found a small piece in the same area. Wonder how many other people have thrown such items away.

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