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  1. Arjan de Jong says:

    is there an version comming for Iphone ?

  2. Andy says:

    The app looks great, any news on the iphone version?

    • Mark says:

      Hi Andy, It’s still a little while off. 🙁 I will need backers to develop this very specialised, niche app. It will cost roughly about $2000 to get coded. There is an action group on facebook created to bring Tect O Trak to iOS. So far we have 68 out of 500 @ £3/$5 a pledge. If you would like to help, please visit and join

      Cheers ,


  3. Darrell Hamilton says:

    Hi Mark,

    Any word on the iPhone version of your app yet? A friend of mine is just getting into detecting and he’s waiting for the iPhone app.

    I myself have been using your app on an android system for about a year now. The only problem I find is location accuracy, at times I can be up to 9 metres out. Other than that I love its functionality.

  4. trigs says:

    Is there a version for windows ?

  5. Camille Janssen says:

    I downloaded the app and used this ones for testing. After this this I couldn,t open the app anymore. Its complete hanging.
    I paid €10.90 for this app. To much money for A app that stopt the first time. When I delete the app and I have to re-install than I have to pay again!!! What is the solition for this problem????

  6. Robert Phillips says:

    Hi Mark
    Do you have any tips or suggestions for using the app on a beach please?

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