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  1. Arjan de Jong says:

    is there an version comming for Iphone ?

  2. Andy says:

    The app looks great, any news on the iphone version?

    • Mark says:

      Hi Andy, It’s still a little while off. 🙁 I will need backers to develop this very specialised, niche app. It will cost roughly about $2000 to get coded. There is an action group on facebook created to bring Tect O Trak to iOS. So far we have 68 out of 500 @ £3/$5 a pledge. If you would like to help, please visit and join

      Cheers ,


  3. Darrell Hamilton says:

    Hi Mark,

    Any word on the iPhone version of your app yet? A friend of mine is just getting into detecting and he’s waiting for the iPhone app.

    I myself have been using your app on an android system for about a year now. The only problem I find is location accuracy, at times I can be up to 9 metres out. Other than that I love its functionality.

  4. trigs says:

    Is there a version for windows ?

  5. Robert Phillips says:

    Hi Mark
    Do you have any tips or suggestions for using the app on a beach please?


    I set up NEW SEARCH detect for say couple of hours then have dinner press STOP TRACKING When i start detecting again i press RESUME SEARCH go to SAVED LOCATIONS and press that days search When screen opens ive lost all my tracking from thje morning all thats showing is finds positions what am i doing wrong or havnt i set it up right help would be greatly appreciated thank you

  7. Paul Greenwood says:

    I have been using tect o trak for some time now, I find it an invaluable tool. Is there a way that you can reduce the space between the dots on tracking so that it gives you a more accurate plot.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Paul,

      I’m not sure it will give you a more accurate plot.

      The track recording is really designed to be used in a specific way to get the most accurate/reliable results given the limitations and exact preciseness of GPS.

      At the moment the app is scaled to detecting open country farm fields in the UK. The spacing between the dots is finely balanced to allow you to stop without it jumping around and leaving random dots as you investigate/dig a target. You can then continue without it disturbing the flow of your line. Keeping to ‘clean long lines’ and the eventual use of the ‘Pathfinder’ tool makes it easier to find the best lines to take when the screen starts to get crowded further down the line.

      Users are advised to:- Always detect in straight lines whenever possible. When you want to change directions, STOP. Turn to face the new direction, Choose a far target to aim at. Choose a nearer target that’s in line with the far target, then start walking towards them keeping them both perfectly in line. A new inline middle target can be set along the way. I assure you this way will give the best results. It stands to reason that reducing variables to ‘linear only’ reduces potential error by 50 % 😉 The results are there for you to see. If you walk a straight line and it shows a straight line, then something must be right. That is much preferable to the uncertainty of a curve/turn given the signal delay time. At least on a linear path, you are either ahead or behind time but still on the same line. I hope this makes sense? 🙂

      However, having said all that.

      . There have been enough requests over time for a faster GPS refresh rate and closer dots, that I am going to add it as a user option in the next update. Personally, I think it’s just adding more potential for error and too much is being expected from GPS. It’s good, but it’s not “Beam me up Scotty” good. Yet… 😉 I could be wrong. We will see.

  8. John Oxley says:

    Hi Mark,
    Bought the android version – I used the Lite but the paid version is well worth it. Just a question for an old man – where is the Tect O Trak folder on my phone? Or, how do I find it?
    I click export and it says done. I click back up and it says done. But where? It is connected to my PC, Win10.
    Many thanks!

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